Poised for growth



In anticipation of rapid sales growth, Billy Beer is currently in the construction phase of a 10,000 sqft facility dedicated exclusively to the production of Billy Beer. We are specifically engineered to meet demand.

Our new Greene County brewing facility is specifically designed to accommodate our unique production flow and rapid growth into the future. Through our relationship with Greene County Economic Development, we are able to quickly get infrastructure in place for anticipated beer production in fall 2018.



As an Anheuser Busch distributor, RA Jeffrey’s has very high standards for the craft brands they take on. To that, we are proud to be their only craft brewery east of I-95. This relationship gives us an advantage with every other AB wholesaler, and ties us into their logistics network. We anticipate early rapid growth for Billy Beer, and RA Jeffrey’s is the perfect partner to facilitate that.

For the northeast Outer Banks and Elizabeth City region, we leverage the strengths of City Beverage Co Inc for our distribution.

better margins.
better taste.